About the podcast

Each episode, fairy tale and media studies scholar Dr. Shannan Palma and award-winning survivor advocate Wanda Swan sit down with a special guest to talk and laugh about all the ways Disney’s versions of fairy tales messed with their heads. They discuss both the pre-Disney literary versions and the changes Disney made to them. They reminisce about jamming to “Kiss the Girl” while asking, with some real concern, “Who is Flounder’s mama?” Does she know where he is?

They’re taking an outsider’s approach and looking for the counter-narratives in the stories. They’ll empathize with villains. They’ll add some color back into the mix. They’ll explore who gets to dream of happily ever after and who doesn’t — and what absorbing those messages as children taught them.

Season one premieres in November 2018 and will encompass six weekly episodes. Season two will premiere in spring 2019, and season three in fall 2019.

The hosts

 image of Wanda SwanWanda Swan, who guides the discussion in each episode, is a nationally recognized expert in interpersonal violence prevention and survivor support. She directs the Office of Respect at Emory University. She is also the owner and creative mind behind Seed of the Free, LLC, and its signature greeting card line, Petty Truths™, which provides empowerment of identity truths through the promotion of critical dialogue and authenticity of voice.

image of Shannan PalmaDr. Shannan Palma, responsible for the technical aspects of production, is founding faculty director of Writing and Digital Communication, a graduate program at Agnes Scott College, and founder of the DigiComm Media Lab. Her award-winning academic work focuses on fairy tales as myths about gender in American popular culture. Her current research focuses on fairy tale logic and misogyny in new media and digital communities.